Managing clients and their associated daily diary entries

The application is web based and not device specific, thus there is only one set of source code and there is no re-development required every time new operating systems are introduced for different platforms or devices.

The benefits of a web-based application are:

  • accessible anywhere (just requires an internet connection)
  • easily customisable
  • accessible for a wide range of devices
  • improved interoperability
  • security (web-based application and database installed on a secure set of internet servers)

App functions:

  • after log in - daily incomplete outstanding diary reminders for clients are shown in ascending, date and time order – up to and including today
  • an event, such as an Expo or Conference is allowed to be added as an activity, allowing to quickly and easily capture information of prospective clients at these events
  • show client information process in ascending, surname and name order – allow the view of all the client’s information, adding of new clients, editing and deleting of existing clients, bulk deleting of all the user’s clients and diary entries and a link to the client’s diary information,
  • show diary information process in ascending, date and time order – allow the view of diary information, the view of incomplete diary information, adding of new diary entries, editing and deleting of existing diary entries and bulk deleting of all the client’s diary entries
  • the application can be completely customized to personal requirements – additional costs depends on extensity of changes

Sign up to this easy to use, user friendly Application, for a yearly subscription fee of only R200 and start creating your own Client List and Diary Activity Entries.

After your Sign Up is completed - you will receive an email with payment instructions.

As soon as proof of payment has been received your userid will be activated and you will receive further documentation on how to get started.